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    Tennis Org Uk Web Site Review Page

    Ace Site Award Logo
    As well as indexing the sites, Tennis Org UK
    also issues a limited number of prestigious
    awards every month.
    These awards are given in order to encourage
    those sites that show excellence.

    Below are the latest ACE SITE Reviews :

    November 2004

    The following aspects are assessed :

  • Information content - accuracy, interest, usefulness and presentation
  • Innovative or pleasing design
  • Well constructed site structure
  • Good graphical content
  • Acceptable response time

    Sites may submit their own URL for an award, or Tennis Org UK
    may assess sites for an award by recommendation from users.
    This can be done using the 'Add a Site' submission form.

    The awards given have ratings from 1-star (beginner) to 5-Star (centre court material!)

    Sites that are awarded a rating are eligible to display the appropriate award on the page to which the award applies. Those that are awarded a low rating can resubmit for reassessment at any time.
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